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BC3 Academic Catalog: 2021-2022 
BC3 Academic Catalog: 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Distance Education

Course Requirements

Online Testing & Student Identity Verification Guidelines

Online Course Listing

Course Requirements

MyBC3 Technology Orientation

Students do not need to register for orientation. Once enrolled in any credit course at BC3, the student will see the MyBC3 Technology Orientation appear in the “My Courses” area in Blackboard. Students will periodically receive email notifications alerting them to upcoming session start dates and reminding them to complete the MyBC3 Technology Orientation.

Completion of the MyBC3 Technology Orientation in Blackboard is required for all students taking online or hybrid classes at BC3. Students enrolled in a face-to-face or iTV course may also be asked or required to complete this orientation by their instructor. It is highly suggested that ALL students complete this orientation prior to the start of their first semester at BC3.

Completion of the MyBC3 Technology Orientation will be noted on the student’s academic record, and they will not be asked to complete this orientation again while studying at BC3. There is no tuition or fees associated with this course, it holds no credit value, and does not count towards the calculation of GPA.

Skills & Abilities

Students enrolled in an online or hybrid class are expected to have basic computing, word-processing, reading and comprehension skills, and prior experience using the Internet and email. 

Students new to online learning can take the “Is online learning right for me?” self-assessment located on the BC3 website at http://www.bc3.edu/programs-classes/online-distance-education/faqs.html.

Computer Access

  • Students enrolled in an online or hybrid class are expected to have regular and unrestricted access to an up-to-date computer system (Windows or Mac). Unrestricted access means the student has the permission, rights, and ability to install software and plug-ins on the computer’s hard drive. Campus computer labs are available for all students to complete classwork; however, these labs are run on a virtual thin-client environment. Some software and web-based applications will not run in the virtual thin-client environment and/or installation of the application on a virtual server may not be permitted by the software manufacturer.
  • Students must have access to a broadband Internet connection (cable, DSL, T1/LAN). A dial-up connection is not recommended.
  • Tablet computers, smart phones, and some Internet browsers may not be compatible.  
  • A webcam and microphone are required for all online classes, and may be required for hybrid classes.
  • Additional software may be required. On-campus access will not be available for all software, for example, QuickBooks®.

Please visit this webpage for more information: Personal Computer System Requirements | Butler County Community College (bc3.edu)

Online Testing & Student Identity Verification Guidelines

In compliance with federal regulations (34 CFR 602.17(g)), online instructors shall require students who participate in such classes and/or take exams to verify their identity by using a secure login, a pass code, a webcam, and a microphone; or to take proctored exams.

Students may be required to have photo identification for proctored examinations, which may include video and audio recording with consent of the student. In addition, new or other technologies and practices to assist in verifying student identity may be utilized.

Additional costs for proctoring services or use of other technologies and practices may apply and notice of such costs will be provided to students at the time of registration. Costs may vary.

Programs & Courses

BC3 offers over 100 classes in online and distance education formats. Students can take classes online or with limited on-campus meetings that lead to an associate degree or certificate. Please visit this webpage for more information: Programs and Courses | Butler County Community College (bc3.edu)