Jun 28, 2022  
BC3 Academic Catalog: 2021-2022 
BC3 Academic Catalog: 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

MACH 112 - Lathe II

3 credits (1 lecture, 5 lab)
This course is continuation of LATHE I. LATHE II exposes the student to advanced complex turning on the lathe. Topics covered will include set ups and turning, internal and external threads, knurling, precision boring, face plates, grinding attachments, steady rests, and follow rests. Students will turn parts to specification using appropriate safety procedures.

Prerequisites:  MACH 111 and MACH 117 or MATH 117.

This course can be completed by obtaining National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) Machining Level II Standard certification.

Butler County Community College does not offer coursework that leads to NIMS certification.