Oct 04, 2022  
BC3 Academic Catalog: 2021-2022 
BC3 Academic Catalog: 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

PHED 125 - Physical Wellness

2 credits (1 lecture, 2 lab)
This course improves students’ physical well-being and develops academic concepts and principles of physical exercise.  Emphasis will involve a balanced integration of the wellness components, including the physical, mental, social and emotional.  Emphasis also will be placed on structured weekly workouts and on developing individualized exercise prescription (requiring a timed run/walk at midterm and final), including emotional support systems necessary for adhering to a long term lifestyle of exercise. If selecting any Fast Track section of this course, it is strongly recommended that the student is in good physical shape before scheduling. This course meets the General Education competencies of Wellness (HW) and Values, Ethics, and Diverse Perspectives (VE).