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BC3 Academic Catalog: 2023-2024 
BC3 Academic Catalog: 2023-2024 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ARTS 114 - Introduction to Painting

3 Credits: (2 lecture, 2 lab)

Course Description
This course provides an introduction to the materials, processes, and discipline required to create paintings. It will explore the medium of acrylic and oil paints through the use of different techniques and approaches to materials. The classroom will be expanded by museum trips, film/videos, slide lectures and demonstrations.

Albala, Mitchell. Landscape Painting: Essential Concepts and Techniques for Plein Air and Studio Practice. Watson-Guptill, 2009.

Materials: Art supplies as designated by instructor.

The student will be able to:

A. Identify basic techniques and concepts of acrylic and oil painting, composition and design skills.

B. Create color mixtures through observation of subject matter.

C. Complete projects using appropriate color properties and harmonies.

D. Critique his or her own artwork and the artwork of others.

E. Identify the elements of art that can be applied to other areas of study.

F. Create paintings that demonstrate the expression of individualized

concepts, feelings, viewpoints, and techniques.

A. Introduction to Materials and Techniques.

B. The Blank Canvas - “Inspiration”.

C. Sketching and Underpainting, Alla Prima Painting, and Value or Monochromatic Painting.

D. Plein Air Palette.

E. Composition, Aerial, and Linear Perspective Theories.

F. Use of Texture.

G. Presentation of Finished Work, Framing Techniques, and Critiquing the Finished Work.

Student Evaluation
Evaluation will be based on painted and written projects. Paintings will be evaluated on the following criteria: technique and concept, effort, creativity and thoughtfulness. Specific criteria will be handed out with individual assignments.

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