Sep 20, 2021  
BC3 Academic Catalog: 2014-2015 
BC3 Academic Catalog: 2014-2015 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

DRFT 110 - Drafting and Design Applications

3 credits (2 lecture, 4 lab)
This course provides an in-depth graphical study and application of descriptive geometry techniques as applied to multi-disciplinary design challenges. Other areas of study are: complex auxiliary views, surface design and development, packaging and mechanisms including cams, gears, and pulleys. Students will analyze and evaluate assembly components while completing an industry case study incorporating reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, parametric modeling, sheet metal layout, and standardized documentation techniques.  Spring semester only.

Corerequisite(s): DRFT 108 or permission of instructor
Prerequisite(s): DRFT 120 and DRFT 102