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BC3 Academic Catalog: 2008-2009 
BC3 Academic Catalog: 2008-2009 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Physical Therapist Assistant, A.A.S.

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The Physical Therapist Assistant Program at BC3 is an academically based program that prepares the graduate for employment in the role of a PTA and as a member of the health care team. The goal of the program is to graduate students who will be ready for employment as Physical Therapist Assistants, acting ethically and effectively under the supervision of a licensed Physical Therapist. The Physical Therapist Assistant carries out the treatment for the patient which has been designed by the Physical Therapist, documents the relevant aspects of the treatment, and communicates any changes in the patient’s condition which requires the Physical Therapist to reassess the patient’s treatment program. The Physical Therapist Assistant program includes classroom, laboratory, and clinical components.

The Commission of Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE) accredits physical therapy education programs in the United States. BC3’s program is accredited by CAPTE: 1111 North Fairfax Street, Alexandria, VA 22314, Telephone: (703) 706-3245.

Employment is available in a variety of structured health care settings including hospitals, private practices, nursing homes, school settings, and rehabilitation settings.

Criteria for Admission

Admission to the PTA Program is selective. A special application packet, available from the Admissions Office, is required. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Applicants are urged to apply early, as there are a limited number of seats. Admissions will take place until the start of classes in August or until the class is full.

All applicants are considered equally regardless of race, color, disability, religious creed, ancestry, national origin, age, or gender.

Licensure or registration may be required to practice in some states. In Pennsylvania, PTAs must successfully pass the state examination to become registered to practice under the supervision of a Physical Therapist.

At the time of application for registration, the State Board of PT also requires reporting of misdemeanors and illegal acts associated with alcohol and substance abuse. The State Board determines the eligibility of individuals with a history of misdemeanors and illegal acts to practice as PTAs in the commonwealth.

The PTA Admissions Committee assumes the responsibility to review the data of all applicants and has the right to select the best qualified individuals.

A. Basic Requirements

  • High School diploma from an accredited secondary school program, or successful completion of the G.E.D. Exam. High school seniors may apply.
  • High school course requirements for all applicants include the completion of the following with a “C” or better:
  • High School Biology or college level biology comparable to BIOL 101 High school Algebra or Algebra I comparable to MATH 091
  • Courses not taken in high school must be taken at BC3 or at another college.
  • Applicants must have a grade of “C” or better in all courses required in the PTA curriculum. A passing grade is required in the Clinical Education courses.
  • Volunteer or work experience: All applicants are strongly encouraged to demonstrate a minimum of twenty (20) total hours of volunteer or work experience in two different PT settings (hospital, clinic, nursing home, etc.) and preferably more hours, prior to application.
  • As part of the PTA Program admissions packet, applicants will be required to submit two letters of recommendation, one of which must come from a licensed Physical Therapist or Physical Therapist Assistant.

B. College

  • Applicants must have a Cumulative College GPA of 2.5 or better in order to be accepted into the PTA program. Grades of “C” or better in all PTA courses are required.

C. Health

  • Students must have a physical examination prior to Clinical Education I. Proof of certain vaccinations will be required. Information will be provided to the student by the PTA program.

D. Act 33/34 Clearance

  • Students are required to receive Act 33/34 (child abuse and criminal record background) clearances. Students will be admitted in the Fall semester, and the Act 33/34 forms will be distributed in the Spring semester, prior to the  student engaging in clinical affiliations.

Special Requirements*

PTA Students are required to:

  1. Be certified in the American Heart Association: Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers or American Red Cross: Basic Life Support for the Professional Rescuer. 
  2. Be certified in the American Red Cross: Standard First Aid Progression.
  3. Provide proof of health insurance coverage prior to engaging in clinical affiliations.
  4. Have a satisfactory annual physical examination, tuberculin skin test, and proof of immunizations. 
  5. Assume all responsibilities for transportation to and from clinical facilities to which they are assigned for clinical practice.

*Information will be provided following acceptance to the program.

Course Curriculum

Minimum - 69 credits


PTA course work must be taken in sequence indicated. All general education courses should be taken prior to the start of the third semester.

* Course has a prerequisite.

a Must be taken before or with PTAP 121.

b College Mathematics I or II, or Calculus, may be substituted.

+ Course may be taken in advance of acceptance into the PTA Program, as a General Studies Student.

Three-Year Option

Any PTA or pre-PTA student will be assigned an advisor from the PTA Program. A personal advisory session will be scheduled to inform the student of three-year options.

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