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BC3 Academic Catalog: 2012-2013 
BC3 Academic Catalog: 2012-2013 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Emergency Services Fire Services Option, Certificate

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Emergency Services - Fire Services Option (065A)
Certificate of Achievement

The Fire Services Option under Emergency Services leads to a certificate. Students will receive three academic credits for the completion of 150 hours in approved fire and hazmat non-credit classes. They will be employable in public and private safety agencies, local fire companies, insurance companies and as sales representatives.

NOTE: Courses listed in the first/third semester will be scheduled for the fall; second/fourth semester courses will be scheduled for the spring. The student is encouraged to use the curriculum planner to keep track of courses taken and those still needed. In some cases, one or more courses may be taken in a different order than indicated on the planner. However, individual course prerequisites must be observed.

Prerequisites/Corequisites – Some courses require another course be taken beforehand or at the same time. To check if a course has a prerequisite or corequisite, see the course description.

Minimum - 34 credits


1 Students need a total 150 hours in the following continuing education classes to receive three academic credits. This training is available by joining a local fire or emergency service organization.

Gainful Employment Disclosure

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Entry Level Fire Fighting Programs

Introduction to the Fire Service (16 hours) REQUIRED
Fireground Support (48 hours) REQUIRED
Exterior Firefighter (42 hours) REQUIRED
Interior Firefighter (60 hours) OPTIONAL
Aircraft Crash Rescue-Short Course (16 hours)
Arson Detection for the First Responder (NFA) (16 hours)
Building Construction: Non-Combustible and Fire Resistive (NFA) (16 hours)
Building Construction: Wood and Ordinary (NFA) (16 hours)
Community and Worker Right-to-Know (4 hours)
Confined Space Rescue (16 hours)
Educational Methodology for Local Level Instructors (36 hours)
Emergency Services and the Media (16 hours)
Emergency Vehicle Driver Training Program (16 hours)
Engine Company Operations (16 hours)
Farm Rescue (16 hours)
Fire and Arson Investigation-Electrical I Overview (16 hours)
Fire Arson Investigation (16 hours)
Fire Fighter Survival (16 hours)
Hazardous Materials Awareness (NFPA 472) (4 hours)
Hazardous Materials Operations (NFPA 472) (24 hours)
Hazardous Materials: Defensive Practices (16 hours)
Health and Safety Officer (NFA) (16 hours)
Ice Rescue and Emergency Response (16 hours)
Incident Safety Officer (NFA) (16 hours)
Introduction to Volunteer Emergency (16 hours)
Leadership I: Strategies for Company Success (NFA) (16 hours)
Leadership II: Strategies for Personal Success (NFA) (16 hours)
Leadership III: Strategies for Supervisory Success (NFA) (16 hours)
Legal Aspects for the Fire Service (16 hours)
Management of Emergency Medical Services (16 hours)
Managing Company Tactical Operations: Decision Making (NFA) (16 hours)
Managing Company Tactical Operations: Preparation (NFA) (16 hours)
Managing Company Tactical Operations: Tactics (NFA) (16 hours)
Managing Company Tactical Operations: Simulation (NFA) (16 hours)
Microcomputers for Fire Service (16 hours)
NIMS for the Fire Service (16 hours)
NIMS for Emergency Medical Services (16 hours)
Public Safety Communications Concepts and Principles (16 hours)
Public Fire Education Planning (NFA) (16 hours)
Rope/High Angle Rescue I (16 hours)
Rope/High Angle Rescue II (16 hours)
Street Survival for Emergency Medical Personnel (16 hours)
Structural Fire Rescue (16 hours)
Trench Rescue (16 hours)
Truck Company Operations I (16 hours)
Truck Company Operations II (16 hours)
Water Rescue and Emergency Response (16 hours)

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