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BC3 Academic Catalog: 2009-2010 
BC3 Academic Catalog: 2009-2010 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

MTPY 103 - Advanced Massage Therapy, Theory, Techniques and Practice

5 credits (3 lecture, 4 lab)
The study of advanced massage techniques utilizing chair, table, alternate positions, and procedures preparing the student for entry level practice as a massage therapist. Information concerning professional issues and contemporary practice techniques of massage therapy will be discussed with emphasis on various practice settings for massage therapy in the community. Major concerns and trends of the profession will be presented and include ethics, licensure, personal safety, client safety, and continuing education. Knowledge and skills essential in developing and marketing a massage practice, preparing a budget, a business plan, reimbursement, quality assurance, and job readiness topics will be covered.
Prerequisite(s): MTPY 102.